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The Zero Edge has 36 options

The Zero Edge Pro, an update to its Zero Edge screen, has been announced by Screen Innovations (SI). Described by the company as a brand-new type of screen, it is designed to give customers the power to choose with options that
fit their needs exactly.

Said to be 36 screens in one, three bezel options are offered – small (0.5in), medium (1-1.5in), or large (2-2.5in). The new 0.5in bezel is claimed to provide a sleek, low-profile appeal similar to that of today’s flat-panel TVs.

The medium and large options are available in 12 colours with an in-lay of hand-wrapped velvet or completely wrapped in velvet, made to order. Available colours are the same as were recently introduced on SI’s Solo Pro lithium-powered motorised screen.

The Zero Edge Pro is also available with SI’s LED backlighting options, including a new option for backlighting.

A new IP-controlled solution is also available that can be integrated and controlled with Philips Hue Smart Lighting ecosystems.

The new screen can be configured in a variety of SI’s materials, including a new 1.0 gain material, named Unity, as well as the company’s line of acoustically transparent materials, such as Pure and Slate AT.