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VC endpoint is all-in-one

The TE20 is described by Huawei as an all-in-one HD VC endpoint that is appropriate for small and mid-sized meeting rooms. It is designed for larger, more comprehensive meeting room scenarios than the TE10 which Huawei is also showing at ISE.

The unit’s 1080p HD video works with Huawei’s next-generation low-illumination technology which the company says delivers vivid HD images in a range of meeting room environments. The TE20 features 5x and 12x optical zooming lenses with a wide angle of 80º. Enterprise users can, says Huawei, flexibly select product models based on meeting sizes to maximise their return on investment.

According to the company, the TE20 requires only 512kbps ultra-low bandwidth and has a high PLC (packet loss concealment) of 20%, ensuring a seamless user experience. For security, it provides media encryption, signalling encryption, and firewall traversal to meet enterprise customers’ requirements in an array of network environments.

Stand: 11-C110