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Vantage releases Equinox 73 home control system

Equinox 73 is a new LCD touchscreen from Vantage that, in conjunction with the company’s companion mobile device apps for Android and iOS, is designed to provide users with a sophisticated yet easy to use home control system.

According to Vantage, it can not only be uniquely personalised by users to reflect their changing living environments, it can also provide the integrator with a very efficient means for configuring both fixed and mobile device interfaces.
Featuring a 7in glass-to-edge LCD touchscreen, the Equinox 73 employs presence detection and light sensors to automatically wake up to a desired personalised scenario and adjusts to ambient light conditions. The associated apps are specifically designed to ensure that user interaction remains identical to that of the touchscreen GUI.

The Equinox 73 and mobile app user interfaces are said to offer extensive options for profiles to simplify control. Once configured by a Vantage integrator, the end-user can personalise or adjust, and save widget settings with a simple on-screen interface creating an individualised profile dashboard. There is no limit to the number of profiles that can be created. Each dashboard is accessed through a simple on-screen drop down.

The touchscreen and apps are initially introduced with nine pre-programmed widgets for easy control of the most essential functions, including lighting, scenes, weather, climate, multi-zone audio, multi-zone video, home theatre, cameras and security. With the corresponding release of Design Center 3.2 (DC, Vantage’s integrator programming tool), widgets are automatically populated with information from the DC file, thereby simplifying dealer interface programming and providing users with a consistent view of system functions.

Stand: 1-N6