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Take control of sound installs with Audac

PVS brand Audac has announced the 2.0 update of its Audac Touch app, which makes it possible to control an entire audio installation and more from a single application.

New features include Automatic Device Control, which means the app now automatically recognises and names all Audac devices in a user’s system so they can be easily added to dashboards and widgets.

In addition, it is now possible to add and control third party devices that support TCP/IP network commands directly from the app. This means the user can control an Audac installation as well as other smart device systems such as projectors or lights.

Meanwhile, compatibility developments allow users to mix and control the inputs of Audac’s flagship matrix system, the M2 Multimedia digital audio mixer, directly from the app.

According to Audac, the use of this solution enables the installer to benefit from the configuration and usability of a consumer app, but with professional functionalities as well.

Stand: 7-M190