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Government AV installs, AVIXA RUs, and news from Australia and Italy

Our tech round up features Stage Audio Works in Namibia; AVIXA RUs available at the Future AV/IT Summit; Pliant Technologies at Australia's ManPAC centre; and Holosonics partnering with Ligra in Italy

Stage Audio Works installs LED solution for Namibian Prime Ministerial Office Chamber

Stage Audio Works (SAW) has been discussing its recent install at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) in the Republic of Namibia. The government recently decided to upgrade the historical building with a new sound reinforcement and visual display system to improve the meeting experience.

Gadgets Namibia Solutions – a leading ICT products and services provider – were asked to source an appropriate solution, which they did through Stage Audio Works Namibia. “This was an interesting project as the multilevel and oval shaped seating arrangement made it impossible to implement a traditional projector and screen solution,” explainedJoppie Maritz of SAW Namibia. “Furthermore, we were working in a listed building with a very clear brief to preserve the historic interior finishes, so we had to find clever ways to install our equipment to ensure that it blended in with the minimum amount of disruption to the surroundings.”

SAW and Gadgets Namibia designed and installed a customised solution based on Pixel Plus LED screens, a Novastar LED controller, Sennheiser TeamConnect 2 ceiling microphones, Audac loudspeakers and a Taiden digital conference microphone system. Video routing and switching is via Atlona with Q-SYS control for ON/OFF and source selection.

Victor Nzaramba of Gadgets Namibia added, “Stage Audio Works designed customised solutions that respect the elegance and heritage of the room whilst bringing OPM’s Cabinet Chamber into line with modern technical conferencing standards. The Prime Minister and her cabinet can now enjoy the comfort of crystal clear audio and high quality video throughout the room with easy, fingertip control.”

Get your AVIXA RUs at the AV/IT Summit

As an AVIXA Renewal Unit (RU) Provider, Future – owner of InstallationAV Technology and Systems Contractor News – is demonstrating its commitment to providing quality education and training for audiovisual professionals, including Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) holders and the specialised designations CTS-D (Design) and CTS-I (Installation).

The AV/IT Summit has been approved by the AVIXA independent Certification Renewal Committee to provide learning opportunities for CTS holders and others for their continued professional development. CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I holders that attend the summit will earn 5.5 AVIXA RUs.

You can view the Summit agenda here.

Pliant Technologies empowers ManPAC

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, also known as ManPAC, sits on Australia’s western coast and is a national leader in the curation and presentation of quality arts and cultural experiences. Head of staging Ciaron McCormack, has been discussing how he relies on Pliant Technologies’ MicroCom XR digital wireless intercom system to provide production staff with a dependable communication solution to put on ManPAC’s high-quality events.

“As head of staging, it’s my responsibility to make sure everything is organized for our clients so that their production runs as smoothly as possible, both on and off the stage,” says McCormack. “Pliant’s MicroCom XR, paired with the brand’s SmartBoom headsets, allows me to provide the crew with the tools they need for clear communication between the front of house and backstage areas.”

At ManPAC, the wireless users of its eight MicroCom XR packs include the audio and lighting operators, stage manager, flyman, mechanist, follow spot operator, front of house manager, and bar manager. MicroCom XR helps to ensure that all aspects of a production are executed as planned, with a coverage zone that reaches from backstage to front of house and beyond.

Holosonics, Fulcrum Acoustic partners with Italian AV distributor Ligra
Joseph Pompei

Holosonics has announced it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Italian AV distributor Ligra. This deal will help Holosonics expand the distribution of its suite of directional sound speakers. Ligra distributes AV products such as video projectors, display units, projection screens, collaboration solutions, and pro audio systems in and around the Emilia-Romagna region.

“Everyone at Holosonics is very excited about the partnership we have formed with Ligra,” said Dr F Joseph Pompei, founder & CEO of Holosonics. “Our team looks forward to building a long, successful business relationship with our new partners at Ligra to serve the growing number of Italian clients that use Audio Spotlight technology in many different applications and settings. ”

In a busy day for Ligra, it was also announced as Fulcrum Acoustics’ new distributor for Italy. The loudspeaker company’s president, Stephen Siegel, said, “Over the past year we have made good progress expanding our distribution in Europe. Ligra is the perfect partner for us in Italy. We know that their energetic and capable team will represent us well and deliver top-quality solutions to their customers.”