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How KVM can improve working conditions

Guntermann & Drunck's Jochen Bauer explains how KVM systems contribute to improved working conditions in control room environments

When it comes to the question of requirements for a control room, technology is often seen as the primary consideration. But it is important to consider that operating a control room can be a great challenge with a high level of stress. The amount of data on which fast decisions must be made is large. Employees need to be able to work efficiently despite having to deal with many different systems, monitors, and operating units. At the same time, they should also remain flexible in order to be able to react quickly and spontaneously to events. So, it is people, in the end, crucially affecting successful operations. Fortunately, there are several ways KVM contributes to improving workflows.

For instance, the interaction of hard- and software are fundamental for optimal usability in a control room. The more heterogeneous the systems, the bigger the necessity for harmonising hard- and software systems. To support users in making efficient decisions in critical situations, KVM can act as an invisible helper in the background to reduce complexity. The use of the systems is not obvious to the user, but they make the daily work easier and optimise the workflow. And there are even more topics contributing to ergonomics, including KVM.   

Tons of equipment and limited space 

By centralising technology, the user gains more space and therefore KVM can be the right solution for applications where space is exceedingly limited. Whether in a crisis centre, for industrial automation or in the energy sector, KVM improves the working conditions for both man and machine. However, relocating systems does not mean sacrificing performance – all systems are still available centrally while maintaining high performance. KVM also guarantees technical security and simplifies data availability. 






One monitor to fit all 

A common issue when using many heterogeneous systems in the control room is that each process requires the use of a separate monitor. However, the more monitors are used at the workplace, the more difficult it becomes to keep an overview. With G&D’s PersonalWorkplace-Controller, operators can individually configure their workspace with different computer sources. This way, multiple video signals can be displayed on just one large monitor or multiple screens, and improve ergonomics.

All information on one video wall 

The video wall being a central element in the control room offers many advantages in terms of clarity and collaboration. By using a multi-viewing tool such as G&D’s PersonalWorkplace-Controller Pro Video, up to 26 physical and sources and streams can be displayed on one video wall. The layout is almost unlimited in flexibility with high image quality up to 4K@60Hz. 

High-end technology is essential in the control room, nevertheless humans remain at the centre. In order to improve problem-solving skills, the right information and data has to be provided at the right time. User-friendly and ergonomically designed workspaces have been proven to contribute to accelerating and facilitating decision-making. KVM solutions from G&D support control room staff with user-optimised technology.