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Touchscreens: seven solutions to upgrade multiuser capability

Manufacturers are producing a greater number of high-specification touch solutions, with multiple user functionality a popular feature as well as flexibility in screen configuration.

MultiTaction offers scalable interactivity

MultiTaction’s iWall is an interactive videowall solution available in custom sizes and packages to suit different applications. The scalable packages range from the smallest, which is the meeting room solution comprising three 55in MultiTaction Ultra Thin Bezel LCD displays, up to a full curved iWall with 12 displays.

Smaller iWall solutions, such as the meeting room solution, can be placed on a mobile frame, with larger configurations built on a standard frame unit.

All MultiTaction iWall solutions can simultaneously detect an unlimited number of fingers, hands, IR pens and objects. They can also enhance and personalise the user experience through MultiTaction Codice software, which identifies optical markers and objects using object recognition algorithms for user recognition and to allow access to personalised content.

Each individual display is a multiuser 55in LCD screen with a bezel width of 1.9mm (bottom and left side), 3.9mm (top and right side). It has a fast response time and supports augmented reality, object recognition and digital whiteboard solutions. In addition, the displays are low maintenance with scratch-resistant edge-to-edge safety glass, with approximately 60,000 hours’ lifetime operation.

eyefactive delivers multiuser functionality

The OMEGA multitouch module system from eyefactive is designed to be integrated vertically or horizontally into existing concepts and architectures such as tables, walls or shop windows and can be operated by multiple users simultaneously.

As a modular system, single 47in LCD rear-projection modules with 0.8mm pixel pitch can be pieced together in a variety of shapes and formats including round and curved configurations. OMEGA modules are equipped with a tracking PC, which supplies a master PC with user interactions. The master PC shows the installed apps on the seamless display. Single modules are integrated into larger systems using edge-blending technology and rear-projection, ensuring seamless transitions between modules to create one uniform display.

The EVOVIS tracking engine, developed in-house by eyefactive, means the number of touch points and object recognition, movements and markers is effectively unlimited. EVOVIS evaluates the data using image processing algorithms that can detect an unlimited amount of touches, movements and objects. The intelligent filters allow EVOVIS to automatically adapt to different and changing lighting conditions, helping to provide optimal tracking results. The use of optical tracking technology means EVOVIS is capable of object recognition as well as touch and movement.

All technical components are separate from the surface, to ensure it is robust and highly stable. Casings and surfaces can be customised to suit the application.

Barco provides multitouch capability

The OverView OSV-350C is part of the OverView Seamless Videowall (OSV) series, which is a range of solid-state rear-projection displays from Barco that can present a mix of data and video in high quality without seams or bezels.

This curved display range includes optional multitouch enablement, which allows several people to be active on the OSV simultaneously. A protective coating is optimised for touch applications, which also extends lifetime and allows easy cleaning.

The OSV-350C is suited to a number of applications including crisis operation and planning rooms to traditional control room applications in utilities, energy and process control. The combination of large screen size (between 120in and 240in) and high resolution makes the screen ideal for multi-data collaboration.

It can be installed quickly, as the screen can be rolled up and carried through standard doors. Furthermore, the solid-state light sources reduce the cost of ownership and maintenance, with lifetimes estimated up to 60,000 hours.

Zytronic combines durability and touch accuracy

The Mozayo multitouch table from Zytronic supports up to 40 simultaneous touch points on a high definition 46in multi-touch display driven by an embedded high-performance Windows 8.1 PC.

It utilises projected capacitive technology and custom software from SpinTouch for an intuitive user experience. Zytronic’s multi-touch sensors combine durability and accurate touch performance with attractive aesthetics. The Mozayo utilises Zytronic’s ZXY200 multi-touch controller in conjunction with a 46in PCT touch sensor underneath 8mm thick thermally toughened glass.

The glass edge-to-edge design is available in four different finishes with carefully crafted ergonomics, all without bezels. It is also water-repellent, minimises glare from overhead lighting and is built to withstand demanding indoor environments.

The Mozayo table is easy to set up using downloadable software to access the presentation and animation features, and is well suited to promotional and retail applications.

To comply with standards of accessibility and functionality, the table is also fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and designed from the outset to be wheelchair friendly.

Hybrid in-wall solution from RTI

RTI’s KX3 is an in-wall touchpanel keypad with a 3.5in colour LCD display and five customisable hard buttons giving it the capabilities of both a touchscreen controller and a control processor within a single cost-effective unit. This allows the KX3 to be used as a standalone solution for control over electronic systems or integrated as an in-wall touchpanel within a larger RTI control system.

The KX3 includes features such as an on-board control processor, which offers two-way control and feedback from electronic systems via IP and RS-232, and an astronomical clock for time-based events. The versatile KX3 also has a built-in 2.4GHz ZigBee antenna for connectivity with RTI wireless remotes.

It improves the control experience in residential and commercial systems from climate and lighting control to entertainment and security systems, providing added capabilities such as viewing video from network security systems with both wired 10/100 BaseT and wireless Ethernet, and camera and microphone for video intercom functionality.

The on-board control processor allows the KX3 to function in smaller installations such as boardrooms and classrooms, which cuts costs by providing users with two-way control without the expense of an additional processor.

polytouch brings in-glass touch options

The 55 4K from polytouch is said to be the first 55in 4K all-in-one multitouch system and includes UHD picture quality and in-glass touch technology.

The all-in-one device has various mounting options including wall mount, consulting table and built-in options. The 4K solution is especially suited to retail applications such as multitouch consulting table and kiosk applications.

The sharp image quality and in-glass pressure detection ensure touch accuracy for the user.

polytouch’s modular architecture offers two different system versions, which includes the all-in-one multitouch system with integrated panel PC, and as a multitouch display or standalone device for external sources.

In addition, the customer can select between two touch technologies depending on the requirements of the application. The available touch technologies are projected capacitive (P-CAP), which provides up to 60 touch points, and InGlass, which boasts higher image quality and pressure detection.

Legamaster includes advanced IR technology

Legamaster’s e-Screen STX-5800, STX-6500 and STX-8400UHD touchscreens support up to 10 touch points and deliver full HD or UHD resolution with slim 16mm bezels. The ultra-slim design allows the STX series to blend into a number of different environments.

The built-in automatic brightness sensor optimises picture quality under different light conditions, and also significantly reduces energy consumption.

The glass features an anti-glare coating for improved readability and comfortable touch experience. In addition, the advanced touchscreen technology, which uses infrared sensors to detect the touch point, works with any pointing device including finger, stylus or any other pen-shaped object.

Both touchscreens are equipped with Legamaster’s EasyFix Mounting Solutions for peripheral equipment such as mini-PCs, soundbar, a height-adjustable system control button, whiteboard side panels (for the two larger models) and the SP3700 Active Sound System, which can all be mounted directly to the screen. The EasyFix Cable Management system ensures the quick fastening of cables, neatly routed on the back of the screen.

The STX touchscreens have two USB inputs for touch, which allows connection of two sources that can both link to the touch functionality of the screen without having to swap cables.