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Norse-inspired digital totem

The new adaptive 5G gate totem FreyjaFlyt, inspired by the mysticism of Norse tales, is making its ISE 2015 debut.

Housed in an art-glass sculpted body with precious nano-coatings and Swarovski crystal-in-silver inlays, the 0.16 cubic metre totem weighs 72kg and is said to reduce energy consumption by 70%.

The FreyjaFlyt gate totem integrates multiple systems on an open-source SoP platform, including one or multiple OLED display Ultra HD visual systems; a hi-fi 5.1 surround THX sound system; an adaptive gender, age, emotions and interest span audience profiler; and a 4G cloud-controlled embedded 4K hybrid media player.

The totem also offers a monitoring and security system with heuristic behavioural analysis and a touch-free gesture control interface. Other additions to the totem include a perfume tester luxury pack, an automated embedded defibrillator and allergic response kit first aid system and an optional 6G shock ozone air treatment system for air purification in overcrowded spaces.