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Smart entry system from Fasttel is wave and wake

The PoE-powered door entry system is equipped with a 7in HD LCD screen

Belgian manufacturer of door entry systems Fasttel will be showcasing its new VisitorTalk! system. Equipped with a 7in HD LCD screen and powered by Power over Ethernet, it is designed for indoor use. The unit is finished in black anodised aluminium or bronzed copper and can be installed surface mount or on a table base. 

The inclusion of motion detection enables the screen to be activated via the wave of a hand. Other features include the ability to record a complete conversation either in internal memory or on a microSD card; activate web relays; consulting and recording of any external IP cameras; making and recording telephone calls; and multimedia functions such as a music/picture player and wake up alarm. Two hidden LEDs at the side of the unit can be used to indicate the status of two inputs – ‘door open’, for example.

Support for the Android 8.0 operating system allows the user to browse the internet and install third party software such as apps for home automation, heating, Sonos and so on.1 GB of internal memory is available to enable such functionality.

The VisitorTalk! can be used with any SIP door intercom.