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Signage totems from Imecon

The new ‘quindici.01’ line of totems by Imecon Engineering is aimed at large scale LCD digital OOH. Based on an IP67 proprietary heating management solution, quindici.01’s modular backlight unit reaches up to 6.000cd/sqm for 70in, 80in and 90in single or double sided display sizes.

Addressing the needs of the advertising market, this line of totems offers visibility in all weather conditions and installation sites and prevents air exchange with the surroundings to avoid any contamination from pollution.

It comes with an in-field replaceable backlight to extend the lifetime of the units to over ten years. In addition, the infiniTVision OS offers telemetry while real-time proof of play and proof of colour sensors provide feedback to the advertisers. A slim design with a maximum thickness of 250mm aids integration into urban areas.

The totems are available in several shapes and form factors and are customisable. Among main options are found LED backlight for posters, integrated LTE/WiFi router, touchscreens, audience measurement, beacons or speakers.

Stand: 8-E265