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Presentations make the switch

Several new digital multi-switchers have been introduced by IDK. Its new entry-level presentation switchers, MSD-501 and MSD 502, are equipped with three HDMI deep colour inputs (including one front plate HDMI input for quick access) and provide full HDCP support, with two further inputs for analogue video sources. A fast scaling unit can handle any attached digital or analogue AV source.

All of the integrated audio inputs can be seamlessly de-embedded, embedded and switched for both digital and analogue output. The 1RU MSD 502 provides two independent outputs.

The MSD-701 and MSD 702 provide four HDMI inputs, one DVI-I input, and seven analogue audio inputs. Each unit can be controlled via a web interface and RS-232C, to fit any existing environment.

The MSD 5402SL Seamless Switcher provides not only a wide range of connections and switches any video and audio seamlessly, it also has seven dedicated fully-programmable command buttons, so that it can switch on the projector, unroll the projection screen and dim the lights.