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Mounts and furniture: six of the best motorised options

The latest mounts and furniture releases, that include a motorised component, illustrate how manufacturers are acting to accommodate larger, heavier displays, while ensuring user comfort.

TeamMate delivers fully mobile solution

The VariHite Screen Stand (pictured main) is specially designed to lift and lower heavy screens (up to 135kg), as well as manoeuvre them through doorways at the touch of a button. It can handle VESA compatible displays ranging from (300 x 200mm up to 1,200 x 600mm), including both 55 and 84in versions of the Microsoft Surface Hub, utilises heavy-duty castors and a robust base.

Aimed at education and corporate space, the VariHite Screen Stand has an 8U 19in x150mm deep rack, this can be extended to x350mm deep with the rack extension module. There is also upper storage compartments which can house a power bar module for charging a laptop if required, both the lower and upper compartments are connected by a cable management chain enabling full cable management.

The height adjustment feature enables users to work ergonomically, and the contemporary white and black finishes ensures it blends in with any space. Additionally, cables can be discreetly hidden, and all storage compartments can be accessed via key.

Vogel’ssupports interactivity

The PFTE 7121 touchtable with motorised mount from Vogel’s was launched at this year’s ISE and aims to take advantage of the significant growth seen in the touchscreen market.

Adding a motorised mount and lockable cabinet improves security and flexibility and allows it to be positioned in an ergonomic position utilising the high quality lift and tilt actuators. The cabinet can store a computer, media player and cables, and there is also space to hide cables and power sockets.

The PFTE 7121 supports interactivity in a variety of applications due to the height and tilt adjustment. This allows the unit to be positioned upright for presentations, and also completely flat, providing an immersive surface enabling users to draw and interact with the content.

Unicol provides large format lifting

The Rhobus PowaLift is a newly launched update of the Rhobus trolley for the boardroom and classroom, available in black, silver or white.

This PowaLift version has a slim form factor, but enables the user to lift and lower large format displays of 70 to 110in, up to 150kg. Operated by manual cord switch, wireless remote or laptop via USB the linear actuator lifting unit is controlled by a custom controller.

Particularly suited to education environments, the Rhobua PowaLift can also be used by young children and wheelchair users. The ‘touch of a button’ height control also makes it easy to move from one location to another through doorways.

Accessories such as videoconferencing mounts can turn the unit into a collaborative teaching aid or office communications hub. Twin 70in screens can also be accommodated with specialised blade videoconferencing mounts available to place cameras between screens.

Loxit extends mount versatility

The Electric Hi-Lo Screen Lift 750 LED/LCD Wall Mount provides 750mm height adjustment for screens up to 90in and 130kg in weight.

This electric height adjustment means all users are able to access or view screens, including young people, wheelchair users. The electrically driven height adjustment means there are no heavy counterbalances and its lightweight design ensures it is easy to move the trolley.

The mount has a high load capacity that allows large screens to be lifted with ease, and universal screen mount brackets allow all makes and models of screen to be mounted on the lift.

The simple design and finish means the product can be placed and blend into a number of environments. The Easy Install Kit ensures quick and easy installation and the leg extension option takes the weight to the floor and off the wall. It can be located very close to the wall, but if this is not possible, there are brackets available to extend the distance from the wall.

Other features include user configurable maximum and minimum height limiters, and an optional anti-crush bar for added safety. The overall experience can be further enhanced with soundbar, Apple TV/Intel NUC mounts, and a videoconferencing camera mount.

ILS prioritises user comfort

The Synergy IM Presenter lectern offers advanced height adjustment to align the lower edge of the lectern with the user’s elbow for natural writing and comfort.

Designed for high-end boardrooms, showrooms and prestigious events, the Synergy IM uses the same 10-point multi-touch technology as the previous ILS22 generation.

The Synergy IM uses Windows 10 Pro providing integration between the main screen and the 10in control panel. The keyboard is fully customisable with the ILS Control Software able to display virtually any keyboard layout. It also comes with a Blu-ray disc writer/player, Intel i7-6700T Core i5, Solid State Drive and KVM/5×3 HDMI matrix Switcher.

Lightweight automation from Chief

A lightweight automated projector lift; the SL220 SMART-LIFT provides smooth and quiet movement in suspended ceiling applications in homes and corporate offices.

Designed to fit 600mm x 600mm suspended ceiling systems, the SL220 is said to make installations up to 10 times faster than conventional lifts. It is constructed from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium, utilises WireVice cables to suspend the frame and requires only one person and a ladder, eliminating the need for a floor lift.

The SL220 moves the projector into show or concealed position quickly and quietly and is compatible with Chief RPA, RPMx, RSA and RSMx custom and universal projector mounts.

There are also a number of control options for the user to choose from including a single momentary push-button, low-voltage controller and IR options. It also accepts 5-30V AC/DC for triggering commands, and is AMX/ Crestron control compatible.