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Apex’s Liviau is ready to go

Apex’s Liviau (the name stands for light, video, audio) all-in-one control platform is now available in two flavours; the Liviau R is designed for conference room control applications while the Liviau S is aimed at bars, clubs, retail, corporate and houses of worship.

The Liviau R offers instant access to content and full control over presentations as well as complete room control including lighting, video, audio and other automated services, all fully integrated and managed from the same platform. Apex says that the addition of Skype and streaming software make this already powerful device even more flexible in a conference situation.

The Liviau R also enables wireless presentations with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Content that is regularly used, such as company presentations, may be stored in the unit’s internal memory. The device offers a built-in audio mixer that incorporates a DSP processor with multiple EQ and limiting facilities and an integrated 2-channel 50W amplifier.

The Liviau S is aimed at bars, clubs, retail, houses of worship and corporate applications. At its heart is the Video Scheduler which enables scheduling and playback of video, lighting cues and effects from stored sources. For example, a user can schedule any number of commercials at 10:00am, switch to a movie or video clip at 10:04am and then deliver text-based messaging or voiceover material at 10:17am.

It also features a fully integrated DMX controller for lighting control. As well as architectural lighting, up to sixteen intelligent lighting devices may be controlled. Moving heads, strobes, RGB devices, lasers, dimmers and more are all controllable via the DMX512 protocol.

Stand: 3-A115