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Countdown to the AV Tech Awards: the AV Accessory nominees

Installation continues its countdown to the 2020 AV Technology Awards by introducing the shortlisted nominees in the AV Accessory of the Year category

We continue our countdown to this year’s AV Technology Awards by taking a closer look at the shortlisted nominees in the AV Accessory category.

This year’s awards will be announced during a brand new digital Awards Week running from 23rd to 25th June. The awards programme is held in association with Awards Partners CrestronIntegrated Systems Europe, and the Technological Innovations Group (TIG), and Association Partners AV User Group and Women in AV (WAVE).

Nominees for AV Accessory of the Year

AT64-SHIFT Screen System Leg, from AV Stumpfl
AV Stumpfl

The AT64-SHIFT is a projection screen system leg that can be height adjusted and that is compatible with all mobile AV Stumpfl projection screen systems.

Although a projection screen leg like the AT64-SHIFT may not seem “particularly beautiful at first sight”, the company says, “the excellence of the mechanical engineering that was involved in the development of this product becomes instantly obvious to anyone who ever had to assemble or disassemble comparable products.”

Tyler Mayne, CEO of Evolve Media Group, agrees, “AV Stumpfl has once again revolutionised screen design with the development of their AT64-SHIFT leg system. Our customers love the SHIFT system since it changes the way they approach using large mobile projection screens.” 

InstaShow WDC20, from BenQ

BenQ’s wireless presentations device, the InstaShow WDC20, is not only an extremely fast, powerful and easy-to-use collaboration accessory, the company says, but is the most secure product of its kind. With its instant plug-and-play design and 1080p video streaming capabilities, InstaShow is designed to transform any display or projector into a collaboration tool, making it particularly useful for meeting rooms, auditoriums and presentation spaces. 

Royce Lye, UK & Ireland managing director of BenQ explains: “This product is one of the most intuitive and advanced on the market, enabling both wireless and HDMI connectivity to nearly any display device, including BenQ’s projection and IFP ranges.” 

BT9370, from B-Tech AV Mounts
B-Tech AV Mounts

The BT9370 is a freestanding solution designed to assemble DVLED panel videowalls. As part of B-Tech’s System X Range, the BT9370 is part of a universal mounting system which is compatible with various LED panels, for use in several formats, wall mounted, trolley, freestanding and bolt down. 

The BT9370 has a Universal design suitable for a variety of DVLED panels and configurations, the System can be extended to any required width for large installations and is suitable for indoor use only. With Pre-assembly of major parts for quick and easy installation you also have the Options for front or rear mounted panels. The BT9370 is available in Black or Silver.

USB over Ethernet Network Endpoint Wall Plates with Routing, from Crestron

Crestron’s USB over Ethernet Network Endpoint Wall Plates with Routing (USB NX2 LOCAL 1G and USB NX2 REMOTE 1G) connect USB peripheral devices “at multiple locations throughout a home, business, or campus and route them to one local device (such as a PC) up to 100 m (330 ft). With Virtual Hub capabilities, five USB NX2 REMOTE 1G endpoints may simultaneously be connected to a single USB NX2 LOCAL 1G endpoint.”  

The USB signals are transported over the local network and managed through a Crestron control system. Meaning that from any room with a video display, you can switch between several computers, media servers, and game consoles anywhere in the building and control each one using your mouse and keyboard, game controller, or electronic whiteboard.

WORK PRO LS-Wing, from Equipson

The LS-Wing is designed to bring the benefits of modern networking technology to touring, theatre and event lighting. It gives professionals a multiprotocol, fully configurable controller that can be used for audio, video or lighting.

The company says that the controller is the first hardware product on the market to use Open Sound Control (OSC) technology to ensure full compatibility with other AV devices commonly used within the live production environment. Using Ethernet, LS-Wing can send OSC commands to any device or software operating on the same protocol as well as UDP/IP or TCP commands to other devices. 

Raul Gomez, technical director at Albadalejo AV Solutions, said, “When Equipson launched the LS-1 and LS-Core controllers, we immediately saw how they could make our lives much easier, especially for small and medium sized corporate events. Their portability, usability and impressive feature list made them really strong consoles for our market, especially when you consider their cost effectiveness and low price point.” 

Kramer K-SPIDER, from Kramer Electronics

Kramer’s K-SPIDER is a sleek, and stylish multi-format plug-and-play adapter cable that brings the ultimate elegance, simplicity, and convenience to collaboration environments. The K-SPIDER replaces multiple separate cables, adapters, and dongles with a single multi-head cable, which provides a single multi-format adapter solution for full 4K@60Hz digital video.

K-SPIDER’s unique multi-format, plug-and-play adapter design provides AV/IT professionals with a fully featured yet ultimately flexible solution that saves on installation time and costs, replacing the cumbersome variety of cables, adapters, and dongles needed for a meeting space installation with one cable. This approach provides one streamlined multi-format adapter solution for full 4K@60Hz digital video.  

Forward, by Middle Atlantic Products

Middle Atlantic says that its Forward family of toolless options was created to make rack installations easier and faster. “The Forward family is designed around an innovative new rackrail and Middle Atlantic’s patented universal mounting pattern that allow the family’s blank and vent panels, cable management, lighting, and other rack solutions to be quickly installed without tools.

“Small Device Mounting Clamps allow integrators to quickly mount and secure small non-rack mount devices vertically or horizontally using absolutely no hardware. The rackrail, when coupled with Forward options, becomes a flexible workhorse that allows integrators to easily achieve reliable rack layouts with less time, labour, and hardware.”