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New feature for remote conferencing

A recently developed new feature to facilitate integration of capture agents in a multi-room configuration, the MultiCam Hub, is being showcased by MultiCam Systems at ISE 2017.

Each system is able to transmit its live stream to any other connected to the network. Also, MultiCam systems can play audio remotely, for example, an operating room and an auditorium wish to communicate live online to comment on the surgeon’s work and ask him questions to better understand his choices.

In this configuration, a MultiCam system with two turret cameras is installed in the operating room and another in the auditorium with four cameras. Only one operator controls the system and integrates the live programme from the operating room into picture-in-picture. The assistance of the auditorium sees its manipulations and can interact.

Applications include for universities, schools, radio stations and conference rooms.

This feature has been developed with the company’s NDI module, which allows users to send and receive HD video streams via a local network. Its integration of the NDI technology was also designed to allow specific placing of audio streams for speakers, so MultiCam can enable videoconferencing in N-1, and thus eliminates the need for a codec or video bridge.

Stand: 13-E105