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MMX6x2-HT matrix switchers for small rooms new from Lightware

Created, according to the company, in response to the need for practical matrix switchers designed for smaller meeting room and classroom environments, the new MMX6x2-HT family is described by maker Lightware as compact, feature-rich and versatile.

With six video inputs and two video outputs – four HDMI 1.4 and two TPS (HDBaseT) inputs, plus two independent HDMI outputs which both have mirrored TPS (HDBaseT) outputs – the MMX6x2-HT can handle 4K UHD and 3D signals. It has four audio connectors for audio insertion and two audio outputs for de-embedding purposes.

PoE 48V remote powering is available on all TPS ports (both input and output) for simple, cost effective installations. The MMX6x2-HT220 standalone matrix switch has two variants, one with a single mirrored TPS output (HT210) and one with just HDMI outputs (HT200).

For user convenience, Lightware has added what it says is a unique Event Manager tool, which takes care of all the necessary control in a smaller configuration by performing pre-defined actions in response to device status changes. Hence, says the company, in a less complex environment there is no need to invest in additional control solutions.

To avoid the tedium and waste of time involved in entering the same settings into several identical units, the Lightware Device Controller application allows users to clone configuration settings in a few easy steps and restore them in an unlimited number of other MMX6x2-HT devices.

The TPS Cable Diagnostics Tool within the Lightware Device Control software helps to identify potential twisted pair cable issues in a TPS-capable system, and provides a real-time overview of the estimated cable lengths and the quality of the link. The TPS Cable Diagnostics feature is available for Lightware’s TPS devices and the MMX6x2-HT series.

Stand: 3-A134