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KNX in the new era of IoT

In the past 29 years, KNX has been delivering secure, interoperable and extendable, ‘single-use’ applications, such as local or remote control of room temperature, lighting and/or or door entry for example.

Since 2016, KNX IoT has come into the picture and has been developing steadily, with the next aim to extend the KNX application field to cover all IoT-based functions. Once again IoT is a prominent topic at ISE.

A very important fact of KNX IoT is that it will not substitute today’s KNX solutions based on TP or RF, rather, KNX IoT will extend the offering into a broader field of applications with much better integration in the Internet world, so the main advantages of KNX such as interoperability, stability, security and scalability will remain.

KNX has the advantage of a large base of KNX installations, so it will draw on a wealth of experience. If it can open the current KNX ecosystem to non-KNX IT specialists through ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, it will be well on its way!