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KNX: Creating awareness

Exciting plans are afoot for Presenting Show Partner KNX at ISE 2023. Marketing manager Casto Cañavate shares some details of what visitors can expect, including technology developments, more Member companies and even more possibilities.

Casto Canavate

KNX is returning as Presenting Show Partner for the second ISE in Barcelona. How did the first show go for you? 

We were already expecting a high level of traffic, as the pandemic put physical tradeshows on hold for a while and people were eager to meet in person again. Still, we were positively surprised by the high level of activities and the great number of visitors we received at our stand, especially in the first two days. It was truly a wonderful experience. 

What’s new for KNX since ISE 2022?

Even though ISE 2022 was not that long ago, the KNX technology has evolved quite a lot since then. Recently we have announced the availability of an open-source stack for KNX to work fully based on IPv6 networks (the most recent version of the Internet Protocol). This opens up more possibilities for KNX devices to interwork with wireless devices that are based on, for example, thread, WiFi or Ethernet. More and more KNX manufacturers are convinced of the idea of KNX IoT and are working on developing more products and solutions. You can find more information at

Another area worth mentioning, especially in context of the big energy crisis, is KNX’s development on energy management. For quite a few years, KNX has been working with other associations on a new standard, and in 2022 it became a new European standard for energy management in homes. There is already a big portfolio of KNX products based on this standard available. More information is available at 

What will the focus be on the KNX stand at ISE 2023?

At ISE 2023, the focus of the KNX stand is continuously creating awareness of KNX, explaining how all applications in smart homes and buildings can be integrated within the KNX ecosystem, its contributions especially in the IoT world, and on energy management. From what KNX was capable of doing 30 years ago, to a lot of people there are still puzzles to solve today. Hence the understanding of KNX, what it can do, the opportunities it brings, what its status quo and future is like, is something we would like to promote at ISE. 

What can we expect in terms of Member companies?

At ISE 2023, there will be 12 KNX member companies from seven different countries exhibiting at the KNX stand. The product portfolio is very wide – from software to devices, from organic KNX devices to gateways that bring together different systems, there is a lot to see as always. 

How can people get started with KNX and what support is available for those wanting to become a KNXpert?

KNX provides many different possibilities for people who are interested in acquiring KNX knowledge. Our online learning platform, demo licences and virtual devices system are very good resources to build a strong foundation and they are totally free of charge. For those who are interested in becoming a certified KNX Partner (a real KNXpert), there are over 500 training centres in 72 different countries for them to choose from. 

More information can be found at

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