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Sightcorp: Human-aware digital signage

Interactive signage solutions providing value-added client engagement with face analysis are at the core of the Sightcorp ISE 2015 demonstrations.

Sightcorp technologies enable a two-way communication between digital displays and viewers, offering new ways of engaging and interacting with audiences, creating brand awareness and increasing business revenues by making signage displays more interactive, intuitive and attractive.

The technology on show aims to help companies to create new levels of engagement with their customers, by making content more targeted and valuable to viewers, while offering a more attractive interactive experience.

Sightcorp’s Face Analysis Software toolkits, InSight SDK and CrowdSight SDK, are capable of measuring relevant facial data offline and in real-time, including audiences’ facial expressions such as happiness, surprise or sadness. It can also measure interest, age, gender and ethnicity.

The most recently launched web-based solution from Sightcorp, F.A.C.E. API, makes it quicker to use and integrate these technologies in a signage solution. It requires low processing power, which means that it can be used in any signage device with internet connection.

All products work on the most popular desktop operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux, mobile platforms including iOS and Android and in the cloud.