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HTNG and ISE deliver Hospitality Tech Summit

Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), a global trade association dedicated to delivering best practice through technology, has teamed up with ISE, the world’s biggest AV and systems integration trade show, to create Hospitality Tech Summit. This new event further enhances ISE’s engagement with AV end-users in key vertical market sectors. The all-day conference takes place on Thursday 7 February at the Hotel Okura.

Enhancing the customer experience has always been a priority in the hospitality business, but using AV technology for this purpose is a newer idea. The Hospitality Tech Summit will discuss the many ways in which the industry can use AV, leveraging their IT infrastructure, to deliver innovative experiences for guests.

The Summit will discuss business strategies as well as the latest tech trends. Displays are a core feature of any large-scale AV installation, and representatives from Samsung (Piotr Lipiec, Senior Business Development Manager, Hospitality TV, Europe) and LG Electronics (Sander Pahlplatz, Business Development Manager Hospitality Europe) will discuss how hospitality displays have evolved. This panel will address future capabilities and investment strategies, bearing in mind that different spaces in hotels have different display needs. This session also promises to answer the smart display question once and for all.

Looking specifically at the in-room experience, a panel of industry experts including Martin Chevalley, CEO of Innspire, and Ted Helvey, CEO of Angie Hospitality, will discuss how they have continued to innovate their solutions with better pictures, content, mobile and most recently voice integration. Guests’ expectations are rising all the time, but venue owners still need to manage upfront and ongoing costs.

Rakesh Latchmansing, CEO of C-Device and, will discuss the role of robotic automation within hospitality – including wayfinding, concierge replacement, delivery services and more. And Chris Spencer, CTO of Global Reach, will discuss developments in the world of Wi-Fi.

Other sessions include a presentation of hospitality AV market data by Sean Wargo, Senior Director of Market Intelligence at AVIXA; a discussion about integrating new technology into old buildings; a panel on GDPR in hospitality; and a presentation by Armand Rabinowitz, Senior Director of Strategy and Workgroups at HTNG, about how the organisations addresses the industry’s core technology requirements.

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