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Glasses-free 3D technology gets European distribution

A new distribution agreement has been announced by Stream TV Networks that sees Beta Digital Media Solutions (DMS) appointed as the first UK distributor of Stream TV Networks’ Ultra-D glasses-free 3D solution.

Stream TV has also collaborated with Signagelive (Stand: 8-K232) and IAdea (8-K320) , also distributed by Beta DMS, to deliver a full 3D digital signage solution designed specifically to enhance visual displays in public areas.

Ultra-D is proprietary technology that generates a light field, which addresses human depth perception in a way close to seeing the real three-dimensional world.

This solution is complemented by Signagelive’s offering, a cloud-based digital signage software platform that enables Stream TV Networks to deliver its Ultra-D solution to all customers who want to add the glasses-free 3D screens to existing networks.

The final part of the jigsaw is IAdea’s XMP-7300 4K media player, which is now Ultra-D compatible.

Simon Ford, vice president, business development, UK and Europe at Stream TV Networks, said: “This is a licensed technology and we needed to create an ecosystem to support that. Beta DMS fit into our ecosystem in a supporting role.

“We believe this technology is the next evolution in digital signage,” continued Ford. “From a digital signage perspective, you’re setting yourself apart,” he commented, referring to the use of glasses-free 3D technology used in retail, versus 2D.

Graeme Little, sales director at Beta DMS, added: “[This deal] is the perfect opportunity for us to enhance our digital signage capabilities. This is a differentiator for the channel. In certain environments, where you need the ‘wow’ factor to make an instant impact, this is really significant.”

He warned: “If resellers don’t take on these new technologies they’ll just become a ‘me-too’ reseller.”

Ford told the ISE Daily that he met with Jason Cremins, CEO at Signagelive, at ISE 2016 and from there, the pair hatched a plot to combine forces, which has been developed over the course of the past year with IAdea and now Beta DMS.

Cremins stated: “We give resellers a choice of what they can go to market with. We’re not trying to replace 2D, but 3D enables something to stand out and become special in a sea of digital.”

Beta DMS is also offering its resellers design and management services for client content used in
the Stream TV Networks and SignageLive bundle.