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Face the future

Omron is demonstrating its human vision privacy-sensitive facial recognition technology, as well as people detection and environmental sensors. 

The centrepiece of Omron’s presentation is the HVC-2 image sensors which can detect faces, facial features and human bodies – estimating the age, gender and mood of the humans in the captured images, while still remaining GDPR compliant.

Chris O’Neill, senior business development manager, Europe, said: “While it relies on complicated algorithms and complicated technologies to build the image, all of that is built into this module. Using this, any embedded developer can add face recognition functionality to a system without the need to understand the algorithms or the optical design. No personal or private data is stored, so these devices do not compromise the subject’s privacy.”

As well as showcasing solutions to enhance digital signage installations and systems, Omron is also offering live demos of the Omron D6T-32L thermal sensor with its people detection algorithm, offering advanced possibilities in signage and smart buildings, as well as in occupancy monitoring within buildings.