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DSS ISE is told of disruption at a ‘cake ingredient’ level

While Google described its position in the digital signage chain as that of a ‘very small ingredient on a cake’, the tech giant said it still hoped to disrupt the market with its Chrome-based and Android-based solutions to manage SI hardware platforms.

Speaking during a DSS ISE session yesterday on ‘Disrupting Digital Signage’, EMEA head of Android and Chrome enterprise channel Mark Grady insisted that its role in the market would be to simplify the management of digital kiosks, signage and interactive broadcasts.

“Is Google going to start banging screens on walls? No. What we see is disruption on a very small ‘ingredients on a cake’ level,” he said.

Grady added that SI’s will be able to port the best parts of its Chrome browser and its Android apps to bring extra capabilities to digital signage as well as its security solutions.

He revealed that Google is currently working with client NASCAR, which is trying to attract a new generation of fans to motor racings.

Google is partnering with Eddystone beacon technology on second screen mobile content and is powering 80in outdoor displays, which are in turn powered by Chrome OS.

“These solutions are allowing clients to innovate with content and that’s the important thing,” Grady concluded.