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Cybernetyx brings AI to the classroom

Galileo One is an AI-powered interactive device for learning spaces such as schools

Claimed to be the world’s first AI-powered interactive device for learning spaces such as schools, Cybernetyx will be demonstrating Galileo One at ISE. Its AI-enabled camera unit allows Galileo One to convert a standard (32in to 75in) TV/LED display into an interactive digital whiteboard by simply clipping it on top of the display. The company says that it delivers a pen and paper-like writing experience and, with built-in screen casting, Galileo One enables teachers to share and present wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Galileo One comes bundled with an instruction whiteboard app and provides built-in STEM tools, providing free access to extensive AI-indexed content and educational resources.

With a second built-in AI-powered front facing camera, Galileo One can analyse student behaviour by reading facial expressions and collecting thousands of data points per student per hour along with minute-by-minute attendance. Galileo also has a beamforming microphone array to ensure that it can function as a personal voice assistant for teachers in the classroom.