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Connect with the CEDIA online community

CEDIA recently launched the CEDIA Online Community, as part of its mission to develop programmes that make it easier for members to connect with one another on a year-round basis.

This forum provides an extra touch-point for members to develop and sustain connections that will help them thrive in the industry. Already, since its September launch, the CEDIA Online Community has seen a surging membership to 30,100 global participants, the sharing of more than 40 resources and over 600 discussions, covering a wide range of technology, business and legislative issues.

“The smart home industry thrives on the strength and support of its community,” said Vin Bruno. “The CEDIA Online Community – another exclusive CEDIA member benefit – is bringing the community into an always-on, live environment for networking, mentoring and idea sharing. Here, they can exchange insights, expertise and opinions and learn from each other’s experiences. I urge all members to join and be a part of this CEDIA conversation.”

In creating an environment where mutually beneficial relationships can develop and thrive, the CEDIA Online Community provides a protected space for members. They can access downloadable resources, connect with peers both in their region and across the globe, discuss industry hot topics, share ideas with industry subject matter experts and thought leaders, extend the conversation after in-person events, and much more.

Here is a glimpse at just one of the discussions that was posted to the community over the last few months. This topic was started by a member looking for advice on how to compete with electricians in his market:

Do you charge a different labour rate for pre-wire to help land the job?

One response:

Plugs and switches haven’t changed much in the last 70 years. Custom electronics changes every day. Sell your knowledge. Sell your understanding of how all of these gadgets need to work in a house.

Sound advice, right? What are you waiting for?

All CEDIA members are automatically added to the online community and are given a unique profile that can be personalised. Similar to other social media communities, this makes it easy for members to search and connect with those they have previously met or would like to meet. The CEDIA Online Community can be accessed by members at