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Canon launches six LCOS projectors

Being unveiled by Canon Europe is a range of LCOS projectors featuring a revamped, compact design with higher luminance and WUXGA resolution. The lamp-based Canon XEED WUX7500, XEED WUX6700 and XEED WUX5800 and the laser-based Canon XEED WUX7000Z, XEED WUX5800Z and XEED WUX6600Z are compatible with six motorised lenses, including the new super-high resolution, ultra-low distortion RS-SL06UW,

Canon’s lamp-based projectors will be available in 5,800, 6,700 and 7,500 lumens, while the laser models will come in 5,800, 6,600, and 7,000 lumens respectively. All models feature a newly designed optical system, AISYS 4.2, with improved optical arrangement and LCOS reflective panel technology. The LCOS panels feature a high aperture ratio, with virtually no gaps between pixels.

The XEED WUX7500, XEED WUX6700 and XEED WUX5800 feature a native contrast ratio of 2,000:1, while the XEED WUX7000Z, XEED WUX5800Z and XEED WUX6600Z are rated at 4,000:1.

For the laser models, the chassis is Canon’s smallest and lightest to date. If a problematic space means the projector must be positioned off-axis to the screen, four corner keystone correction will correct the image geometry to keep it perfectly aligned. The large lens shift allows the image to be adjusted with no need to tilt or reposition the projector.

Stand: 1-F90