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Canon launches LCOS installation projector

Canon's new flagship install projector, the XEED WUX6000, offers advanced image quality while consuming only 0.076W per lumen.

Canon Europe has launched a new flagship install projector, the XEED WUX6000. As well as offering advanced image quality, connectivity, durability and installation capabilities, this WXGA projector also provides enhanced energy-saving, producing bright and high-resolution images while consuming only 0.076W per lumen.

A newly developed image engine and AISYS4.1 (Aspectual Illumination System) optical system have enhanced the image quality, installation capability and connectivity of the XEED WUX6000. The addition of new LCOS panels offers increased luminance and reflectivity while also improving energy performance.

The XEED WUX6000 can continuously project the same image for up to 100 hours without the pattern of the image being burnt into the panel, compared to a regular LCD panel which can suffer this issue after just two to three hours. This is particularly beneficial for exhibition-style installations, where customers would seek to display projections for seven hours or more per day.

Five different lenses are available: a short fixed lens, wide zoom lens, standard zoom lens, long zoom lens and an ultra-long zoom lens. All five use the same connector as the XEED WUX4000 and WUX5000, offering system integrators and customers enhanced flexibility during installation.

Images of up to 600in (1.5m) can be projected with a 16:10 aspect ratio from just 13m away using the RSIL05WFwide-angle zoom lens. A motorised lens shift function allows users to adjust the position of projected images in all directions using a remote control. In addition, the XEED WUX6000 has an in-built image corrector with an edge blending function. The projector can also be mounted at a wide variety of angles.

Julian Rutland, planning and strategy director, Canon Europe, said: “System integrators and customers are demanding greater flexibility and image quality from their projector solutions. We are addressing these market needs with our new flagship model, offering a wide range of compatible lenses, advanced image quality and improved energy savings to a range of environments including offices, classrooms and for digital signage projections.”

The XEED WUX6000 will be available from December.