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AED makes a bright choice

Rental company AED Display signed a deal for 60 of Barco’s newly launched 30,000-lumen projectors at ISE yesterday. Typically, rental companies have standardised on 20,000-lumen projectors, “but the demand for higher brightness is increasing,” said Gerben van den Berg, Barco’s VP EMEA, entertainment & corporate.

Usually, the demand for brightness is addressed by stacking two projectors to give 30,000 lumens, but the new modular HDF-W30 FLEX three-chip DLP, single Xenon lamp projector is designed to fill this need.

To extend the life of its existing HDF models, Barco has instituted “an attractive retrofit upgrade programme”. AED is taking advantage of this to upgrade 40 of its current stock of two-year-old 22K units, in addition to taking 20 of the new models initially. The projectors start shipping in March.

“As the HDF-W30 shares its modular design, preview mode and ImagePRO scaling with our Barco HDX, HDF and HDQ projectors, it will be easy for us, and for anyone renting the projectors, to install, use and maintain them and exchange components, if needed,” said Thierry Heldenbergh, managing director of AED Display.

The HDF-W30 FLEX has WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution and tuneable brightness from 18,000 to 30,000 lumens in incremental steps of 2,000 lumens.