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Vivitek intros NovoConnect NC-X300 for more efficient meetings

Vivitek has launched the NovoConnect NC-X300 Add-On wireless collaboration solution. The NC-X300 is simple to set up, easy to use and connects any device to the central meeting screen, wirelessly to enable meetings to start quickly.

The NovoConnect wireless collaboration solution is designed to offer a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to upgrade their existing meeting rooms, ranging from huddle rooms to conference rooms.

To start, the user plugs the NC-X300 into the power supply and to the existing display device, such as a flat panel display or a projector. Next, they install the free software to connect their laptop, or they can use the free NovoConnect App to connect any mobile device to the main screen. For further flexibility, the NC-X300 allows for iOS and Android device mirroring.

In case a company’s security policy prevents external guests from downloading third-party software to their devices, the NovoConnect NC-X300 kit also includes a USB device – the LauncherPlus. It is a plug and play dongle, which enables the guest to easily join in and present without any hassle or set up complications.

The NC-X300 can display two participants side by side, with the ability to instantly switch between the other team members. In addition to the easy screen sharing, Vivitek’s NovoConnect offers many more features, such as wireless file sharing between participants, an extended desktop display or connect to an interactive display for wireless mouse touchback. Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA, said: “The NC-X300 is our new Add-On solution option for any business that wants to enjoy the many benefits of wireless collaboration. In addition to the NC-X300, Vivitek offers a full Novo Eco-system of Add-On models as well as All-in-One solutions with NovoDisplay and NovoTouch flat panels.

Connection across all models is enabled through the free NovoConnect App for laptop and mobile devices, in addition to the guest LauncherPlus modules. With this enticing proposition, Vivitek is the leading manufacturer in wireless collaboration and display devices.”