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Zytronic touch tech digitises Hyundai dealer network

Hyundai’s 80-strong car dealer network in Turkey has moved to a digital dealership model, following the installation of 43in touch tables created by Nerotouch, using custom designed 40-point multi touch MPCT Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Technology touch sensors supplied by Zytronic.

Asli Kubilay, managing partner at Nerotouch commented: “Hyundai originally approached us with a project to improve the ambiance and customer experience in the dealerships. With our encouragement, they modified the scope of the project, and we have created unique multi touch tables that can not only be used unaided by customers, but can also be used by the sales team as an integrated part of the sales process.”

Nerotouch designed and manufactured the touch table but also provided the multi touch software for it. Using the tables, the sales team can configure a car for the customer and present them with the finished result. Hyundai assessed a number of different touch technologies, but selected Zytronic’s ZYBRID multi touch sensors on the recommendation of Nerotouch. “Zytronic sensors can be custom designed in small quantities and provide a truly outstanding user experience, reliably handling multiple touch inputs as salesperson and customer discuss the sale,” added Kubilay.

“Based on the Zytronic sensors we were able to create a touch table whose slick operation is every bit as impressive as its sleek appearance. Zytronic further enhanced the appearance of the screens by incorporating the Hyundai logo into the seamless, all glass border. The whole thing looks, feels and works like a giant tablet computer,” continued Kubilay.

Zytronic interactive displays