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US school simplifies emergency PA with Aviom

In addition to emergency messaging, the system is also being used for student announcements regarding class-sponsored activities and fundraisers.

“The Aviom system has become an educational tool,” said Wendy Ormsby, the school’s director of organisational development. “It allows students to gain public speaking experience, and they practice very seriously before they do each announcement. The Aviom system has changed the way we conduct the day-to-day business in our school by making it a more friendly and creative place to learn. We’ve also used it to implement a new, streamlined dismissal process.”

The modular nature of Aviom’s products has led the company to make significant inroads into the education market. “Schools benefit from choosing Aviom because our products are simple to install, easy to use and designed to offer flexibility in set-up,” Ray Legnini, Aviom’s product research and development manager, told II. “Our products provided the Souderton Charter School with a scalable solution so they could adapt to the situation presented by their existing infrastructure without adding complexity. The solution is robust, but the products are easy to understand and use.”