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Tech Guide: Sony TEOS Manage

A straight-to-the-point guide detailing what you need to know about some of the latest AV tech releases, without the tech jargon kept to a minimum

Product type: Workspace management and solution software

Target market: All types of workplaces and environments, which require AV/facilities management, from corporate to education

What’s new? TEOS solutions are designed to transform workspaces for employees and visitors so that working is simplified, collaboration is enhanced, and facilities management is optimised. The first solution to be launched, TEOS Manage, streamlines the control and maintenance of all your connected devices and content in boardrooms, meeting rooms, offices, public areas and a multitude of other locations.

Details: TEOS Manage has no limitation to the number of sites/rooms you wish to control, and is compatible with virtually any IP-enabled device – including display screens, projectors and tablets – from Sony as well as other manufacturers. Via the IP network, users can control, monitor, and update displays grouping them by building, floor or area through a dashboard-style global overview. It receives calendar information from Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server or Google Calendar that’s relevant to each room can be displayed, integrates smoothly with your room bookings system. Cloud or on-site local deployment cloud-based deployment allows for exceptional flexibility, enabling users to easily access TEOS Manage whenever and wherever.

Available: Now

Where to buy: Through specialist Sony partners. For more information visit

Price: €500 for the software (then there is a licence cost per device ranging from €80 to €380 according to the type of licence e.g. from control to signage).