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Scala partner enlisted for major digital signage project

Following two years of work, the 121ft-wide, 11ft-high sign situated across from Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station entered service last autumn.

The Scala software supplied by reseller and systems integrator Techmedia gives APN Outdoor’s advertisers access to a template that allows them to create and customise the look and feel of their content. Once completed, APN Outdoor can schedule the adverts – each of which lasts for 7.5 seconds – to run within 24 hours. The images are projected onto 147 Barco SLite 10XP FX LED tiles, which have been dust- and waterproofed to withstand the highly changeable climate.

“When looking for partners on this project, we considered factors ranging from reliability, durability and the capability to expand into a nationwide network,” said Paul McBeth, APN Outdoor’s general manager, marketing. “Most importantly, we found that Techmedia and Barco had an international track record, and they had experience with comparably sized projects.”

Norman Cantrell, Techmedia’s managing director, added: “Based on the flexibility and scalability that APN Outdoor was looking for with this project, we knew that Scala software would give them everything they needed and more. We were able to train APN Outdoor’s staff within days, and the Barco team was also easily trained to manage the player component that attaches to its screen.”

IMAGE: Courtesy of APN Outdoor