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Robe LEDs used exclusively for awards show

LED-based lighting continues to grow in popularity, as evidenced by a recent awards show which used Robe LED fixtures exclusively.

Believed to be the first ever major awards event to be lit exclusively by LED lighting, almost 300 Robe lighting LED fixtures were used at the 2012 Total Production International (TPi) Awards.

The event was staged at the Novotel London West, with lighting and visuals rental company HSL handling the rigging and installation of the lighting equipment.

The lighting rig featured – for the first time on any major show – Robe’s new ROBIN DLX Spot, which is claimed to be the world’s first RGBW spot lighting fixture with the ability to produce a complete range of truly high quality variable whites. 52 of these were dotted around the complex trussing system above the stages and audience.

The 52 DLX Spots were joined by 102 ROBIN 300 LEDWashes, 32 ROBIN 600 LEDWashes and 19 ROBIN 1200 LEDWashes. The ROBIN series has been designed to be smaller, brighter, lighter, genuinely power saving and more environmentally friendly. There were also 60 x CityFlex48 a fully configurable product from Robe’s LED series.

The entire lighting rig consumed only 116 Amps of 3-phase power, despite there being almost 300 fixtures on the show, and all lighting, rigging, trussing, distribution and cabling fitted into just one and a half trucks.

“It was a huge honour for us to get this opportunity, and a real responsibility for both us and for Andy [lighting designer Andy Hurst] to ensure that it all looked amazing and impressive in front of the whole industry,” said Robe UK’s MD Mick Hannaford,. “You could not gewww.robe.czt a more critical audience. The results were spectacular. HSL did a brilliant job as always, and for Mondiale [producer of the awards] it was one of the best TPi Awards shows to date.”

The entire lighting rig for the TPi Awards was supplied from Robe’s factory in the Czech Republic. The company says that all the fixtures were pre-sold with Controllux, Robe’s Benelux distributor, taking immediate delivery of all the DLX Spots, and 64 of the LEDWash 300s being shipped to Norsk Sceneteknikk from Norway.