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QSC chosen for Hungarian venue

Hungarian audio distributor Interton has supervised a major sound system installation from QSC as part of a complete rebuild at the Nagy László Cultural Centre in the city of Ajka.

Hungarian audio distributor Interton has supervised a major sound system installation from QSC as part of a complete rebuild at the Nagy László Cultural Centre in the city of Ajka.

Located in the north-west of the country, the local government-run centre has now been re-equipped with an end-to-end QSC system, including an Installation Line Array (ILA) system.

The scope of the contract included the commissioning of a new sound reinforcement system for the main auditorium, as well as the intercom system.

The ILA not only had to demonstrate its extraordinary horizontal coverage, but also its ability to satisfy the requirements of a multipurpose venue that would stage concerts, theatrical and ballet performances.

“Every possible performance – such as speech, classical music, choir, theatre, rock music – in a multipurpose venue requires different setup and gives different problems to solve,” explained Interton MD, Géza Balogh. “Values of STI and SPL may vary in a rather big range, and excellent sound quality is always a requirement. Thanks to the excellent frequency response of the ILA system, it fits in every kind of performances, provides the necessary SPL and STI, and can be controlled very easily by designing the right number of ILA boxes.”

The system also had to project across the raked, 422-seat main auditorium floor, as well as deliver evenly distributed sound to a further 53 in the first floor gallery. “Both horizontally and vertically a proper coverage is very important,” said Balogh. “Using ILA in such venues, the horizontal 140º dispersion angle is a very useful feature. Vertically, especially when there are balconies in the auditorium, the line array concept helps to solve this issue.”

Interton has a long relationship with the venue’s acoustic consultant, András Kotschy, who specified QSC components in the tender. “Due to our good relationship with the main contractor [Csöngető Ltd] we managed to win the supply of the equipment — and the installation work as well,” confirmed Interton MD, Géza Balogh.

Having won the contract, Interton project manager Zoltán Fleischer sat down with the consultant and discussed the operational requirement in detail. The evolved solution was to specify a QSC SC28 2-in/8-out user-configurable digital system, containing dedicated pre-programmed tunings, to drive the PA system (in triamp plus sub mode) through a pair of QSC’s RMX-5050HD and three RMX2450 amplifiers.

To achieve the coverage, Interton installed six WL2082-I mid-highs and a single WL118-sw subwoofer per side, using the recommended settings (other than the EQ compensation, which was not required). Each element contains two 8in neodymium magnet woofers and 1.75in neodymium compression drivers with titanium dome HF.

Sound sources include Sennheiser and Shure wireless microphones, Shure and AKG wired mics, which can be connected to the stage boxes, along with Tascam CD recorders and MD player. The left and right hangs are fed from the outputs of the mixing console.

The client was more than satisfied with the overall sound quality and particularly the evenly dispersed coverage across all the seating.

Summing up, Géza Balogh said, “The ease of programming the SC28 speaker processor demonstrated how user-friendly it is, and made fine tuning the FOH installation simple and straightforward.”