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Philips Selecon brightens an Olympic-style Industri[us] initiative

In a joint effort from Philips Entertainment and Architainment lighting, an Olympic London Borough’s regeneration project - created by not-for-profit organisation Industri[us] - has give been given an enhanced glow.

Not-for-profit organisation Industri[us] has had one of its regeneration initiatives enhanced by Philips Entertainment and Architainment Lighting, with the incorporation of the latest Philips Selecon low energy colour changing light.

The Industri[us] project is designed to highlight creativity and resourcefulness of local people, regenerating previously unused spaces by building temporary structures that add new significance to an area.

For the Newham project, which is located near the Olympic 2012 site, a Pavilion was erected with a 30ft robot constructed entirely from waste material standing in the foreground. Lighting designer consultants dpa utlised the Philips Selecon PLCyc 1 luminaires – supplied by Philips distributor Architainment lighting – to ensure the project is eye-catching to people travelling to and from the Olympic site.

Senior designer for dpa, Sotirios Stamatopoulos commented: “The lighting concept stems from the cladding material of the pavilion – a translucent material that responds well to lighting. dpa has designed a lighting scheme in keeping with the character of the project. The backlighting of the material provides definition to the volume of the structure and the illuminated and silhouetted found objects are projected onto the skin, similar to a shadow puppet theatre. At the same time, an alluring glow, which includes colour-changing facility, makes the pavilion look inviting and fresh. Adaptable and visually stimulating, the lighting enhances the structure, transforming the site to an intriguing nightscape reference point.”

Grant Bales Smith, sales manager for Philips Entertainment finished: “The low energy PLCyc1 offers Sotirios and his team at dpa an easy to programme, yet sophisticated choice of colour washes,” explains. “This has enabled them to create an attractive and inspiring environment, tailor-made for this special event. And, with the capacity to light up to five square metres for just 150 watts, the product is efficient as well – ensuring that the event will remain comfortably within its sustainability remit.”

Architainment Lighting has also generously donated a number of PLCyc1 fittings and an iPlayer controller. The company, which has experience in lighting for both architectural and entertainment projects including The London Eye, Selfridges, ITV1’s X Factor and tours for artists including Radiohead and Pink, also managed the installation and programming for the project.