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New version of the TPS-6X from Crestron

The TPS-6XNL is a non-locking version of the wireless touch pad.

Like the TPS-6X, the fully-portable 6XNL offers tabletop operation and, without latching hardware, is designed to be simple to dock and undock.

While docked, the TPS-6XNL becomes a wired Cresnet- or Ethernet-connected panel with full-motion video display.

By simply lifting the panel off the dock, the panel automatically switches to wireless RF mode offering long-range, high-speed two-way communications up to 200ft with one-way IR.

While on the docking station and operating as a wired panel, the unit recharges its battery and remains connected to RF so that when it is removed it instantly switches over to wireless mode.

The TPS-6XNL operates within IEEE 802.15.4 and is said to provide sufficient battery life for a full day’s operation.