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Movek to launch myMix Control

Owner of Movek and former president of Bosch Communication Systems, Mathias von Heydekampf, says the new control device will be ideal for operating larger myMix systems which have constant set up changes.

Movek is launching myMix Control, a web-browser based software tool for audio network control of myMix systems, at InfoComm 2012.
 myMix is an intuitive networked personal monitoring and multi-track recording system. It’s designed for mission critical audio requirements, including houses of worship, theaters, recording studios, concert sound, fixed installations and commercial sound applications. 
 The new control device connects to the networked myMix system via the myMix PLUG. Users can then launch the built-in web browser-based software to enable audio network control of any myMix device on the network.
 For commercial and installed sound applications, myMIX units offer quick configuration. Locking out unwanted functions and menus (e.g. in a boardroom, when used as an intercom/BGM in a retail location, etc.) is simple and intuitive. And, if a myMix output is driving speakers, WiFi remote access allows the user to adjust settings remotely. 
Owner of Movek, Mathias von Heydekampf, remarked: “Yes, we are control freaks. Remote control freaks. Remote control capability adds a cool factor to anything but for us, it only made sense to pursue something that would be functional and flexible. It had to be purposeful, not just cool. 
 “With myMix Control, engineers get it all. They will be amazed at how easy it is to use and the features it offers. myMix Control is ideal for operating larger systems with constant set up changes, like theaters or production companies, but also allows fast and easy configuration of myMix devices in commercial and fixed install applications. Users can log in from anywhere, back up an entire system, as well as edit, configure or lock units on the network. Fast, simple, cost eliminating—myMix Control is going to push the performance and versatility of myMix to a new level.”