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K-array keeps the peace

Kobra KK50 speakers help to keep the peace in Oviedo, Spain.

Neighbours complaining about the sound is normal for nightclubs in residential areas. Normally there are two options for the venue to avoid disturbing the peace: turn it down or move shop. In K-array’s powerful but directional Kobra KK50 speakers, one Spanish nightspot found a better solution. 

Kudhabi, one of Oviedo’s youngest and most fashionable discotheques, used to have 10in speakers which had a 90dB limiter, in order to safeguard neighbours from having to put up with late night dance music. The bass had to be disappointingly minimal, as it was the deeper sound which disturbed local residents the most.

They chose to install four KL12MA subs and eight KK50 speakers mounted on the walls, near the ceiling. The system is amazingly discreet; the subs are only 30cm (12in) across and the satellite speakers are 50cm (20in) long and are ultra-slim, only 5cm (2in) across. The subs were suspended from the roof using silent blocks which reduced sound conduction through contact by 6dB.

This set up allowed increased sound pressure, without any bleeding which would lead to disgruntled neighbours. This meant the club could turn up the volume through their good-looking new audio system, safe in the knowledge that there wouldn’t be any complaints from the locals. Mission accomplished K-array.