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InfoComm 2017: RealMotion ideation platform to debut (VIDEO)

RealMotion, the technology division of experiential design studio Float4, has introduced RealMotion content generation, editing and monitoring platform. Consisting of the RM Designer, RM Server, and RM Admin components, RealMotion is claimed to fuse the worlds of art, gaming and digital engineering. The platform will be formally unveiled and demonstrated at InfoComm 2017.

The idea for the RealMotion platform came from the experience of the Float4 studio team, who were working on creating exciting digital experiences within physical spaces for forward-looking clients including the Sofitel Baltimore Paris Hotel (see video below), the Hotel Mere in Canada, eBay’s corporate headquarters, the Seneca Buffalo Casino, and the Liberty Lights Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio, among others.

“The true integration of compelling digital experiences within physical spaces is now possible,” said Sevan Dalkian, co-founder and CTO of RealMotion. “The RealMotion platform is a complete ecosystem of tools that empowers AV integrators, creative minds and site operators to unleash and harness the creative power of true real-time content generation and put it to the service of innovation in a wide variety of physical spaces – hotels, restaurants, corporate lobbies, theatres, retail shopping centres, literally wherever the need exists for digital artistry to interact with consumers.”

According to Dalkian, the RealMotion platform scores over its competition through the combination of power, reliability and flexibility. In terms of real-time power, RealMotion is designed for maximum speed and pixel throughput and is capable of driving up to 12 full HD signals with crossfade, video playback and interactive generative content layers while capturing two 4K signals. In terms of reliability, RealMotion is claimed to set a new benchmark for 24/7 performance and real-time monitoring, thanks to a design that empowers complex projects while allowing operators to be informed of hardware software health status.

On the flexibility front, RealMotion is designed to interface with other technologies, is agnostic of most inputs, outputs and content assets, and provides support throughout the entire project workflow. Made by media professionals for media professionals, it is designed for intuitive and speedy operation.

“More than a decade of intensive research and development has been invested in this platform at the service of some very specific and demanding clients,” Dalkian emphasised. “RealMotion is a rock-solid platform designed to run 24/7 that is already in operation at sites in Canada, the United States, and in Europe. It is now ready to inspire the entire global AV integration community and the customers that it serves.”

Available in Ultra, Pro, Lite, and Micro system configurations to meet specific project needs, the RealMotion platform consists of three core components. The RM Designer module empowers users to create, collaborate and deploy content utilising real-time content editing, generation and compositing software. RM Servers host, generate, connect and enable real-time content manipulation, playback and delivery. The RM Admin module provides online system monitoring, information flow, and management.

According to Dalkian, the RealMotion platform is available for immediate delivery to customers and comes with a lease financing option to make the investment more affordable. “We have created a digitally compelling and creative real-time software and server solution that is also extensible and cost-effective to own and operate,” concluded Dalkian. “It is the first platform of its kind to merge the worlds of art, gaming, and engineering to generate and integrate digital content into physical spaces in an amazingly creative way. We encourage everyone to see it in action at InfoComm 2017!”