Havells-Sylvania and Jason Bruges Studio create the Light Space Modulator at Southbank Centre

Havells-Sylvania has commissioned an inspiring new kinetic light installation from Jason Bruges Studio that is set to transform the walkway under Hungerford Bridge at London’s Southbank Centre.
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Havells-Sylvania has commissioned an inspiring new kinetic light installation from Jason Bruges Studio that is set to transform the walkway under Hungerford Bridge at London’s Southbank Centre. London will be at the centre of the cultural zeitgeist this summer and as part of the celebration of the city, Havells-Sylvania has commissioned an inspiring new work from Jason Bruges Studio that is set to transform an underused section of London’s Southbank Centre. Located under Hungerford Bridge alongside the River Thames walkway, the 21st Century Light Space Modulator will fuse technology and culture together to create an architecturally lit, creative space, in an area that sees 22 million visitors each year. Blending Eastern and Western influences, the installation combines creativity, innovation and interaction with a kit of parts from Havells-Sylvania’s extensive product portfolio. Jason Bruges Studio previewed its 21st Century Light Space Modulator at the Southbank Centre on 12 July. The creative team is now working on developing the installation for its full unveiling in the Autumn. A number of public showings and seminars will be taking place over the summer and details of these events will be posted on the website: www.C21LightMod.com
Havells-Sylvania is the lighting arm of India's largest lighting and electrical manufacturer, and Kuldeep Vali, strategic business unit director - Concord at Havells-Sylvania, is excited by the collaboration with the Jason Bruges Studio: “From day one, this project has had a buzz around it that you associate with intense creativity. I think this is because Jason Bruges is renowned for his unique approach to lighting design and the 21st Century Light Space Modulator will draw on all his imaginative resources to produce a stunning work.”@page_break@

Jason Bruges Studio, formed in April 2002, designs and builds interactive installations across four key sectors: architecture, art, brands and lighting design consultancy. Recent projects include a rebranding of TV channel More4, and the Digital Fountain at Westfield Stratford City. The multi-disciplinary team has grown significantly over the past 12 months and now includes creative architects, lighting designers, electrical engineers, programmers, industrial designers and mechanical engineers. Prototypes of the Light Space Modulator have been developed in the team’s Old Street studios.
The installation pays homage to László Moholy-Nagy’s work, the Light Prop for an Electric Stage. Created in 1930, the Light Space Modulator, as it is commonly known, was a pioneering piece of light art and moving sculpture. Jason Bruges explained: “We are enthused to be working with Havells-Sylvania on transforming our vision into reality. Fully interactive, our installation explores not just the relationship between space and light but also people’s behaviour within a space. It introduces a performative process in which the installation engages with the audience, transforming the space with lighting based on how people respond to it.” Working together with Southbank Centre, the installation studies the boundaries between audience and performers, stage and public space. Jude Kelly, artistic director of Southbank Centre, said: “Our site has a really rich architectural and creative heritage, but alongside this are some underused spaces. We are delighted that Jason Bruges, with his track record of creating extraordinary installations, has agreed to temporarily transform this area to make a fun and playful addition to the experience of the site, and we are extremely grateful to Havells-Sylvania for their support of this installation.” www.C21LightMod.comwww.havells-sylvania.comwww.jasonbruges.comwww.southbankcentre.co.uk