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grandMA pico specified for major dance production

“This show was heavily pre-programmed using grandMA onPC and grandMA 3D,” noted Sin. “It saved more than a few hours of programming time and enabled us to be more confident going into the show on the first day, knowing that the bulk of the performance was already programmed and all it needed was a little bit of tweaking here and there. We found out that grandMA 3D was much more powerful than we thought as it gave another source of back-up for the main show file and was not just visualising the DMX output.”

Noting that it was his first experience of programming intelligent lighting fixtures, Hui added: “Using grandMA onPC felt like programming on an actual console. It was extremely useful to be able to create palettes for the different focus positions, colours, effects and macros that could be recorded and tracked for all lighting cues. The grandMA pico is definitely a very handy console for shows of a smaller scale, like this one.”

Optimised for smaller theatres, grandMA pico’s specification includes real-time control for up to 1024 DMX channels, a high-resolution TFT-colour touch screen, availability of comprehensive PC-compatible freeware and configurability for applications including theatre, television and concert touring.