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Getting the message Down Under: 3M Digital Signage’s joint venture

Electronics goods retailer Retravision recently concluded a successful four-store trial of Telstra’s new Digital Retail Media Solution, which allows distribution of content, such as advertising and product information, as well as staff training and corporate communications, to any number of select store locations simultaneously. The content is transmitted over Telstra’s IP network from a central management location using 3M Digital Signage content management and monitoring software.

Retravision has entered into a long-term agreement with PDM to expand the service to 105 stores and 5000 screens, with a planned roll-out for over 400 stores across Australia and New Zealand in 2007/08. PDM will create, produce and schedule transmission of the content using the 3M Digital Signage software.

“This end-to-end managed service will deliver strong business results for both retailers and advertisers by engaging consumers as they are making purchase decisions,” says 3M Digital Signage global business manager, David Reynolds-Gooch. “Telstra’s service provides easy entry for businesses eager to take advantage of the benefits digital signage has to offer.”

PDM CEO Michael Harms explains that consumers are looking for relevant, targeted in-store messaging: “One of the great strengths of digital signage is that it ensures marketers a very receptive audience at the final moment of retail truth,” he says. “This makes in-store networks the perfect complement to traditional mainstream media campaigns.”