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ETC Congo at the Fringe

The Universal Arts technical team will be on hand throughout the Festival to assist the visiting companies – this year, totalling 22 and based the world over.

“This deal provides us with an opportunity to showcase our lighting control systems to leading theatre companies and musicians,” said Jeremy Roberts, ETC’s associate regional manager, UK & Ireland. “Universal Arts has been bringing award-winning international performing arts to the Festival for almost 20 years; we are delighted to be part of their continued success, and excited to demonstrate our products to lighting designers from across the world.”

“I first toured with the Congo desk to Venezuela with Universal Arts in 2006, and it’s been our desk of choice ever since,” added Universal Arts’ Anthony Newton. “We have used Congo for all our work in Edinburgh, the US, Germany and the Netherlands. The relationship with ETC has been mutually beneficial and has been developed with the full support of Stage Electrics, our supplier of other stage equipment. As we continue to build the international programme in Edinburgh and to tour more productions internationally, we hope to continue to work in partnership with ETC.”

Productions set to be lit by the Congo desk at the Universal Arts Theatre include PaGAGnini by Ylana from Spain.