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Community loudspeakers provide sound effects for wildlife attraction

The Afrykarium visitor attraction in Wroclaw, Poland has been outfitted with Community loudspeakers to provide sound effects for the different visitor experiences.

Located adjacent to the Centennial Hall, the Afrykarium shows visitors the different aquatic ecosystems of Africa. It includes 19 aquariums and pools incorporated into the three-storey 9,000sqm building with 7,500sqm of external grounds.

Each zone is designed to represent an African region and combine the environment and wildlife of that area. Regions included are the beaches and coral reefs of the Red Sea, the river Nile, the land of the Great Rift Valley, the Mozambique Channel, the beaches of the Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and the jungle of the Congo Basin.

The sound systems throughout the Afrykarium complex were provided by Tommex Żebrowscy Sp. J. Marcin Zimny, commercial director of Tommex explained: “Afrykarium presented us with a wide range of requirements, including background music for the hospitality areas, AV for the conference facilities and an audible alarm system throughout. Most important, and key to the visitor’s experience, is the multi-zone sound effects system provided for the African regions. As this covered very large areas and would be subject to the climatic conditions of Africa, we chose Community loudspeakers for their proven all-weather capability and their audio performance which would recreate the effects naturally.”

The effects system consists of seven zones, controlled by a Dynacord P64 audio matrix, feeding DSA-8805 and 8405 power amplifiers fitted with IRIS-Net RCM-810control modules. Community W SERIES W2-228W loudspeakers are used to cover the large wide areas, combined with 30 compact, two-way, 5in D SERIES DS5 loudspeakers used to ensure an evenly distributed system throughout.

Zimny concluded: “Clear and accurate, the audio combines with the recreated environments to give a remarkable perception of the African regions. Afrykarium is a very unique experience and I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to provide a superb quality system for visitors to enjoy.”