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ETC Congo demos at the Fringe

Gray said: “Congo is being used at so many venues in Edinburgh. These demos are an ideal opportunity to find out why it’s become such a popular lighting desk.”

The sessions take six people at a time, which allows for attendees to easily see the products in action, ask questions and discuss the potential of the different desks, including the newly launched Eos and SmartFade ML, along with Congo and Congo jr.

ETC’s Congo is used in theatres, television studios and conference halls, and it combines classic control systems with the functionality of a moving lights console. Congo jr is a smaller version, which includes the dame channel and output counts, but in a standard 19-inch rack-style modular design console. It runs the same operating software as Congo and is useful for smaller venues. It can also be used as a back-up unit for the larger console.

The demo sessions are being held between 9:00 am and midday on 13, 15-17 and 20-22 August.