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DJ Alexander builds its business with SenseTable

The diversified technology company 3M, has announced that its interactive multi-touch display technology is being used by Edinburgh-based property firm DJ Alexander.

Diversified technology company 3M has announced that its interactive multi-touch display technology is being used by Edinburgh-based property firm DJ Alexander to create a more engaging and dynamic experience for buyers.

The SenseTable is part of a range developed by Astec Technology, which provides SenseTables as ‘all in one’ solutions, including the furniture, multi-touch screens, integration and software development if needed, as well as a remote support service.

The display uses 3M projected capacitive technology, which supports high-speed multi-touch in multi-user and multi-tasking environments and is part of a range of multi-touch systems and displays spanning 18.5-55in screen diameters, with up to 60 simultaneous touch points.

Matthew Bates, commercial director at Astec Technology, said: “We use 3M multi-touch screen technology in our SenseTable system because it provides a consistent and fast user experience. It responds fast, works well in a variety of light conditions and is extremely robust.”

Positioned in the reception area of DJ Alexander’s Georgian premises in central Edinburgh, the SenseTable makes it easy for customers to browse through property, maps, videos and other information. The system supports up to 60 simultaneous touches, so several people can use the SenseTable at once.

The company made a strategic decision to use audiovisual technology as a differentiator in a highly competitive market when it launched in early 2014. Director John Alexander said: “People’s expectations have risen and they have high awareness of technology, particularly in the premium end of the market. We want to offer an experience above and beyond what they may already have on their laptops and smartphones.

“After an extensive investigation of how estate agents worldwide are using technology, it became clear to us that multi-touch screens are one way in which to introduce a more interactive and enjoyable customer experience. Touch technology is something with which many people are already familiar on their smartphones and other devices, so it is very intuitive to use and enables a wide variety of information to be displayed in a far more interesting and flexible way compared to print-based information.”