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Daktronics dvLED video wall enhances Ping Identity Corporation boardroom

Daktronics partners with High Country Low Voltage to provide sleek video backdrop for the American software company

Partnering with AV integrator High Country Low Voltage, Daktronics recently manufactured and installed a new LED video wall at Ping Identity Corporation’s boardroom in Denver, Colorado. The 1.9mm direct-view dvLED video wall adds a dynamic visual element backdrop within the meeting space, supporting presentations, screen casting video sharing, hybrid meetings and more.

“It is great to be able to provide such a beautiful canvas for Ping Identity’s all hands space,” said Jonathan Eubank, CEO and founder of High Country Low Voltage. “The freestanding mount and Daktronics LED wall paired perfectly to provide a unique mounting situation in front of the wall of glass overlooking Denver.”

The new dvLED video wall measures approximately 7 feet high by 12 feet wide and features 1.9mm pixel spacing to bring high-resolution imagery to the viewer as close as mere feet away from the display. The tight pixel spacing ensures vibrant imagery with great color depth and visibility of all content shown.

High Country Low Voltage, who serves education, business and government establishments with state-of-the-art AV systems, contracted with B-Tech to design a custom floor stand frame which was used to mount the LED video wall.

Corporate campuses are turning to technology to create dynamic workspaces, engaging customers and employees as soon as they walk in the door. Single canvas, non-bezel video walls differentiate corporate headquarter spaces and provide positive, unique experiences.

Daktronics offers a line of narrow pixel pitch LED displays ranging from 2.5mm down to 0.7mm pixel spacings. This product line brings expansive opportunities to those spaces commonly associated with LCD technology to create luxurious and immersive environments, share artistic digital content, or show detailed, high-quality video.