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Crestron flying high with Flying Eye Hospital

The next-generation Flying Eye Hospital will incorporate Crestron control and automation technology to help run the aircraft's facilities, including an operating theatre, treatment rooms and 46-seat classroom.

Crestron and non-profit humanitarian organisation ORBIS International have teamed up to outfit the next-generation Flying Eye Hospital (FEH), an MD-10 aircraft donated by FedEx, with Crestron technology.

The FEH will include an operating theatre, laser treatment room, communications centre, recovery room, AV/IT room and a 46-seat classroom, all of which rely on Crestron technology.

The teaching facility with wings features 15 cameras and 17 monitors. The IT/AV technician can broadcast from any camera and 17 monitors. Several Crestron 24in HD touchscreen displays will provide control and two-way communication between the operating theatre and the classroom. Crestron speakers will also provide the audio for the training sessions and handle the toggle between cameras to allow the eye healthcare professionals to view the procedures in HD onboard. Tablet-style Crestron TSW touchscreens will also allow for full control of the AV systems.

“Crestrons audio/video solutions will serve as an invaluable advantage in ORBIS’s mission to continue to save sight worldwide,” said John McHale, director, MD-10 Project at ORBIS. “Crestron’s generous donation and state-of-the-art control and automation systems will help us continue to provide the gift of sight to people around the globe.”

“Our complete solution will facilitate communication and collaboration between doctors, nurses, and technicians to administer care in ways that were previoulsy unimaginable,” said Crestron’s George Feldstein, who founded the company’s Flying Eagles Program, which donates home theatre systems to military hospitals to provide comfort and entertainment to wounded service personnel. “We look forward to helping ORBIS extend the value of its training porgramme and transform the lives of thousands around the world.”