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Christie display solutions elevate Vogue’s 20th anniversary in Portugal

Almost 40 projectors and LCD panels bring to life the event celebrating the magazine’s two decades in Portugal

Nearly 40 Christie® projectors and LCD displays recently brought Vogue’s Iconic Party to life. Held in September in Lisbon to celebrate the magazine’s 20th anniversary in Portugal, with technical production by ADLC Audiovisuais, the Vogue Iconic Party was attended by a host of local celebrities, aimed to honour all those who produce, buy, and support the publication. The concept of the party was to bring together everything that makes people want to go out in one space, from meeting friends, and movies, to art exhibitions, nightclubs, and bars.

The organisers recreated a small city divided into two streets in the warehouse of the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon. Each street had its own flavour: one inviting people to go out and the other to live more quietly.

Twenty-two unique projections were made on screens, walls, and floors, and LCD displays were also used to give colour and movement to the party. The content, adapted to each space, was conceived and created exclusively for this event by VJ Draft, José Santana, and Sofía Lucas.

Thirty Christie projectors, ranging in brightness, were used, including the Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector, and 1DLP laser models including the DWU850-GS, DWU635-GS, and D13WU2-HS.

In addition to the projectors, seven Christie LCD panels ranging from 65 to 98 inches were used in the space, including the UHD752-L, UHD652-L, and UHD982-P-A models, all of which feature 4K UHD resolution.

“Christie solutions never disappoint, and their reliability is essential for demanding events of such leading brands, said José Cordeiro of ADLC Audiovisuais. “In this case, they allowed us to achieve a major impact for the audience through the different audiovisual attractions.

“The visitors were surrounded by images of great impact on the different surfaces of the venue where the party was held. The combination of projections and LCD displays gave great dynamism to the event, captivating the public and creating an atmosphere full of colours and impressive content.

“It was a total experience and we are delighted with the variety of AV solutions that Christie offers us to enrich the events of our customers.”